Egg Transport Planning

Egg Transport Planning is an independent transport planning consultancy ready to help you secure planning permission and save you money in the process.

As part of your planning application, you are quite often asked to produce Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Travel Plans – and that is where Egg Transport Planning comes in.


Following our many years of experience, here at Egg Transport Planning, we have the ability to negotiate with highway authorities on behalf of you, our client, to justify the transport-related elements of planning schemes. We seek to minimise the planning contributions (S106) that developers can be liable for and we provide additional services such as preliminary access designs, parking and highway designs.

We commission Road Safety Audits and we can provide support for planning appeals too. In fact, whatever your planning requirement, if you need the services of a Transport Planner or Transport Planning Consultant, we’re here ready to help you. See more Services here:

Transport Planning for Housing Development

If you are a land owner, house builder, strategic land promoter, advertiser, healthcare provider or education provider, you may find you need the services of Egg Transport Planning.

As a privately owned consultancy, we do not report to shareholders and are not under the pressure that larger consultancies face to work quickly and maximise profits. We are therefore, able to spend time working more personally with you – to understand the complexities of your project and to tailor your requirements accordingly.

Therefore, as an independent consultancy, we keep our overheads low which enables us to spend the time that your project deserves, so that you in turn, receive an excellent service and the highest quality advice.

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The Network

Working in collaboration with an ever-growing network of other highly skilled professionals in the industry, we can work as a team to ensure you receive the services provided by larger planning consultancies

The network includes the services of:

  • Fellow transport planners
  • Planning consultants
  • Civil engineers
  • Highway designers
  • Road safety auditors
  • Traffic survey companies
  • Noise consultants
  • Air quality consultants

Ready to get started?

For more information on how we can help you here at Egg Transport Planning, please call us on 01625 873406 or 07737 274116, email us at or click here to complete the contact form.

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